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Who are we?

The company operates in fire fighting and protection field, providing safety equipments and gases and flame detection services, in addition to manufacture and maintenance of personnel transfer basket, it has been created from the body of knowledge of more than 20 years of professional experience of its founder and current president, Paulo Alves Cardoso.

With clients all over the country and overseas, Sollax operates in 80% of the naval market from Bacia de Campos, especially in regions where there is oil exploration. Placed in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, and Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, the customer service and quality of service are the company’s outstanding characteristics in current offshore market.

Safety and Credibility

Sollax offers peacefulness and safety to its clients. Sollax is the one which develops and takes care of the whole project, in addition to providing equipments, installing the system and keeps the entire functioning. Services include laboratory tested equipments, state-of-art software and systems with UL and FM international approval.


The company operates in all national and marine territory providing safety equipment and transshipment and inspection and maintenance of materials.

Concerned with the work continuity, the company offers substitute equipments while the ones from the ship are being repaired, certified or produced. In Brazil, this is the only one which computes 500 cylinders for fixed covering.

Moreover, the company relies on a certification issued by Brazilian Navy, homologated by DPC and certified by DNV in ISO 9001:2008, ensuring sea safety.

It has been created with the initial objective of meeting the needs both the terrestrial and naval market, the company has redefined its actions to the port segment impelled by demand and technical knowledge acquired along by other jobs. From this positioning it has specialized in naval ships, has invested in technical improvement and team qualification.

Sollax performs searches and identifies the best there is in technology in education by means of regulations and requirements from the competent authority.



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