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fire fighting

Gas and Flame Detection System

Sollax has a vast range of products for detecting gas and flame, including, among others, infrareds, electro chemicals and catalyticals. These sensors detect combustible gases and oxygen, as well as an extensive list of toxic gases.


it is a simplified methodology which considers the use of state-of-art extinguishers and the most modern concepts of protection involving extinguishing capability, allowing the preparation of a new project or evaluation of actual protection situation for extinguishers.


Sollax has a wide range of firefighting products and equipments which provide a customized solution for each client.

Foam generating liquids

We offer to the market the most complete line of FGL and a hi-tech protection in fire fighting involving inflammable liquids. We have an excellent structure, including product performance and analysis labs, hydraulic lab and a site for performing fire tests.


The fire fighting hoses are recognized by its quality through ISSO 9001 certifications and the ABNT conformity certificate, as well as through several international certifications ensuring the compliance with highest demanding norms from the market, such as UL and FM (USA), EM 14540 (Europe) and SAI Global (Australia).


Inflatable boat

Since 2010 Sollax incorporates to its products and services providing portfolio a complete line of equipments of salvage and inflatable boats, therefore, guaranteeing a full covering for the companies regarding naval safety and for all co-workers and clients on-board.


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Transfer Basket

Sollax is pioneer in transfer basket manufacture in Bacia de Campos.