Sollax can keep any protection and fire fighting system, from preventive inspections to periodical and corrective maintenances, with the reliability and quality required in a globalized world.

The whole prevention and fire fighting system will be under Sollax responsibility. The diverse products, components, extinguisher agents and foam generating liquids stock will be guaranteed by a prompt maintenance of the systems, whether preventively or correctively.

All clients are taken care with the same efficiency and quality and can be equipped with a diverse range of services, such as:

fire fighting



Sollax offers peacefulness to the clients. It develops the Project, provides equipments, installs the system and keeps it in full operation. Our services include lab-tested equipments, state-of-art softwares and international approved systems by UL and FM.

Gas and flame detection system

They are hi-tech and high performance devices. Projected for effectively work in hostile environment, devices perfectly meet the area needs, with a full range of applications.


Eagle Quantum is a combination of a suppressant agent triggering/flame detection system with a gas monitoring system, which are integrated in an error susceptible communication network. The system continually analyses the analog process signals, such as combustible or toxic gases concentrations, flame detectors and digital devices, such as manual actuators and thermal detectors.

Suppression systems

They are control and fire suspension equipments for several segments, using the most modern systems there are: suppression systems for gases, water, foam, among others.

The high speed Nebulized Water System (Water Spray) applies water in a jet shape or conical expansion with thin drops in high speed. There are three kind of extinguishing employed in this system: emulsification, cooling and smothering. The system uses high speed projectors, installed on Schedule 40 canalizations galvanized over and around the transformer to be protected.


It is a component of High Speed Water Spray System, employed in fire extinguishing of combustible liquids with flash point over 66°C.

Detection system and alarm

The detection systems and alarm are highly diverse when it comes to the various segments: commercial and industrial areas, special risks etc.


Currently, AEGIS is the most advanced conventional agents delivery unit in terms of technology in alarm and fire suppression industry. It combines high quality, system reliability and flexibility required for modern commercial, industrial and hi-tech applications in an esthetically attractive and physically tough package.