They are easily handled equipments utilized for fire fighting generally having nominal load up to 12 kg or 10 liters. Sollax is equipped with a full line of portable extinguishers. Sollax Line represents the best existing cost-effective option in the market. It is the number one option for safety professionals who need immediate, effective and safe response for protecting lives and patrimonies. They are light-weighted though powerful equipments, with high extinguishing capability and have a 5-year guarantee. Sollax Line utilizes state-of-art extinguisher agents, such as Halotron I Gas and potassium bicarbonate- and monoammonium phosphate-based powders. This line is fitted out with equipments which utilize extinguisher agents based on BC powder, Carbon gas, water and mechanical foam. Sollax manufactures and commercializes extinguisher agents.

• Monoamonium phosphate-based ABC chemical powders • Sodium bicarbonate-based BC chemical powder • Halotron I • AFFF Foam

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