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boat replacement program

When boats have expired reviews so as the ship-owner can use the review amount to invest in purchasing new boast, therewith, reducing is investment it is time to replace the boats. The conditions to obtain a special discount and the purchase price of the old boat will depend on the number at issue. The program will work in each case individually. Information will be sent to the marketing department from operations department after the old boat inspection. By offering a new boat we offer the ship-owner a guarantee that he will be answered anywhere in the whole world, and in Brazil he will have a customer service covering of up to 24 hours. The guarantee of a prompt service along with quality of service and operational covering will be a great allay to the ship-owner which choose to replace its old boat for a ZODIAC boat. Salvage Sollax will not hesitate to transfer technical information regarding the new equipment furnished bearing the trademark in question. There will be boats with capability for 20 and 25 people of the free launching and davited solar package. In this process the manufacture providing its equipment will benefit from this, the ship-owner who will spend a smaller amount to purchase its new boat will have profit, among other operational advantages, and Sollax will gain with the business intermediation of the trademark and from coming reviews.